Monday, August 23, 2010


Ok so i was doing some thinking about my earlier post about playing a MMO solo.  Whats the point? So I met this guy in the recruitment channel and he convinced me to join his corp.  It wasnt hard.  He said "We do Pew Pew". I said "ok".
    So I get together with him in Jen and we go roaming with his alt as bait and me in my omen. About 30 minutes later we found a fight.  I must say In those 30 seconds I was alive I had more fun then  6 days of mission running. I think ill keep this guy around and do this pvp a bit more.
    Only one problem.  He sells plex for his money.  I dont have that kind of disposable income so unless you want to send a donation of a billion to "Zen Toaster" I gatta find a way to make fast cash.  If you guys know any drop a comment or somthin.

Till next time

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