Sunday, August 22, 2010

And then god said "let their be light"

So....here we are. Alone and Cold in the vacuum of space. At least that's what it seams like to me. I started playing eve way back in 06 and then quit in 08 on and off again till about 2 months ago and then starting playing solid again to present day.  In all that time I have been in and out of various corps and really don't have anybody to play with.  In a game with no less then 20,000 players logged in at any given time, Not one have I found to play with on a consistent basis.
    But that's perfectly fine with me.  I don't really need anyone to play with, just people to have fun with. Which can be any person I damn well please.   Yesterday for example I decided to mine some veld in my retreiver and was using a jet can to store my ore.  A caracal drops out of warp in the belt and warps out.  I noticed off course as is my cautious nature. He comes back a few minutes later and drops out right next to my can. Flips it and falls for my bait.  I figured maybe the guy was just making sure i wasnt a bot and was going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He then opens up a convo and ask if I want my ore back.  I say Sure. He says 50k.  I come back with a pvp fit omen and blow him up. Fun right?  Who says you cant have fun by yourself in a mmo.  Expecially in EvE.
    Lesson of the day "In EvE always expect to become someone's entertainment, Then make them your Entertainment"

GTFO till next time.

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