Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1 kill, that's it?

So today was a bad day. I began moving my stuff from Pimbeka to my new corps hq in caldari space. Not a big deal right? 15 jumps on auto-pilot while I clean the house. After I finish the dishes I come back and find myself in a pod. WTF? It was all In highsec. Well apprently a new craze is going around where a bc instapops u and he has
a alt in a industrial scoop ur shit. Ohh well shit happens.
Later I decide to go out with my CEO and kill some shit. We go through Jan and go through the pipe to hek. Finally get 3 guys to fight. One being a omen navy issue and I forget to switch my point. God epic fail today.

Things I learned.
- switch points faster.
- move ur stuff in t2 industrials even in high-sec

till next time

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